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Your business, your scent

Scentify offers high-quality ambient scenting solutions to businesses, residential buildings and public venues. We pair each space with a uniquely appropriate scent that hits right on the nose.

what's in a scent?

The scent permeating your place of residence or business is deeply intertwined with the identity of your space, as well as the overall experience of anyone who frequents it. Clients, residents and visitors not only enjoy their time in a pleasant environment, but this positive association continues paying dividends for a long time to come.

scent: the 4th dimension

In our hyper-competitive world, your business needs an edge. The power of scent in your space is a dimension that goes beyond the traditional, with stealthy effectiveness. Scentify prides itself on servicing the scent diffusion needs of forward thinking. 21'st century brands with good sense and even better scents.

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Your Space. Your Scent.

Scentify works with an international network of fragrance producers to find the scent that best enhances and invigorates each space. Businesses are paired with a scent that carries their identity in a positive and engaging manner.


Install and Transform.

Our team will install a diffusion system that’s right for you and your space. These high-quality machines will pleasantly transform your environment for the better with an inviting and consistent scent.


Maintain and Repair

From refills to standard repairs, Scentify helps ensure that the unique fingerprints of your scent continue leaving their mark. Your ambient scenting is now in the hands of a company that talks scents.

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What can Scentify do for you?

Your home. Your scent.

Bring the welcoming scents of the world’s most popular resorts into your home!

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